Here are a few really cute children’s boutique shops if you’re looking for outfits for your next session!

Art and Soul Boutique

Amazing Gracie

Finley and Oliver

Corinna Couture

Pipsqueak Couture

Missy Moosie

Charming Necessities

Ciao Baby

ZoZo Bug Baby

Matilda Jane

Dizzie Izzie

I always have such an awesome time shooting family photos of the Panck’s. They are so much fun and a perfect example of an amazing family unit. We spent the day at the park together and afterwards the kids took me up to their loft and we had a tea party with make believe peach tea!

Addison & Triston have both gotten so big! Addison is such a great big sister, always helping out her baby brother – it’s absolutely ADORABLE! Triston has grown SO MUCH since our last session I couldn’t believe it. He’s got no problem walking around at lightning speed, going up the stairs like a pro, and he even vaccumes – pretty impressive for a 16-month old if I do say so myself! He’s super smart just like his big sis… and they are both seriously as cute as can be!!

Ryan, Amber, Addison, and Triston – thank you so much for letting me share these special moments with you. I feel so lucky to know such an incredible family. Every session with you guys is more fun than the last!

Had a great time doing headshots yesterday for Kathleen of Sew Fine! (Check her out at if you have any alterations or sewing projects you need done.) We met at her house and just did a quick mini session in her yard. We had her 2 furry four-legged assistants helping us out, and not to be left out…the two neighbor dogs got out of their yard and decided to come join the party as well! Kathleen is lots of fun and super sweet, and that really comes through in her pictures. Here’s a quick sneak peek!

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of photographing the re-commitment ceremony of Joe & Karina at Stonebrook Manor in Thornton. I meant to blog about it sooner, but I was too busy admiring all the gorgeous photos this amazing couple took (and of course I’m still getting used to this blogging business!)

I met with them for the first time at the actual ceremony, and couldn’t have been more impressed with the two of them and how great they are together. No matter what the events of the day threw at them, how many people tripped on the the microphone cord during the ceremony, or how many times they had to try to light the candles together at the end of the ceremony… they laughed about it together and stayed focused on what was truly being celebrated – their love for each other. It was beautiful and inspiring to see such a young couple so committed and in love.

Joe and Karina are such a fun, lively, energetic duo that it’s obvious to even someone like me, that just met them, how well they go together and how amazingly they compliment one another. Of course the venue was gorgeous, and the garden ceremony was only trumped in beauty by the sweet smiles and intimate glances they shared all day. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for them to renew their vows and share their love with the rest of us that were lucky enough to be there.

The DIY touches they added throughout the ceremony and reception really added an extra special feel and personal touch to everything. From the bubbles all the guests blew at them as they walked down the aisle, to the adorable wishing tree Karina’s Mom made for family and friends to sign and write special messages for the couple – from start to finish the entire event was simply magical. During the toasts, Karina’s sister’s sweet sentiments had everyone in tears and feeling blessed to be a witness to their love. Their friend Doug did an outstanding job as the officiant, and their friend DJ Max Marquez rocked the house.

But what impressed me more than anything else was the way the two of them were so caring and attentive to each other above all else. Joe was there every step of the way carrying Karina’s dress around the garden and attending to her every need. When Joe’s boutineer fell off during pictures, Karina hopped down to fetch it and as we all watched her attach it and adjust it, it felt like we were all privy to watching a sweet private moment between them. You could tell the rest of us could have disappeared and the only thing that mattered to the two of them was they were there supporting one another.

Karina & Joe, thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of sharing your gorgeous day with you. It was an honor to witness the two of you reveling in your love, laughing at whatever came your way, and sharing your joy with the rest of us. I know you will be continuing to celebrate with each other for the rest of your lives. ♥