Our Studio

Our 4,000 sq ft studio space is divided into 5 basic units for you to select from which offer a variety of shooting spaces and other amenities. Some of these amenities include interior/exterior set locations, graffiti/mural walls, and more. Should your session require outdoor shots, we are conveniently located near train tracks and a city park with developed trees, benches, a baseball diamond, and a playground. This allows us to take outdoor shots and studio shots in the same session, saving you time and money. Our studio is located at 10650 Irma Dr., Suite #33, Northglenn, CO 80233

Garage Studio – is approximatly 18′x18′ and is best suited for photographing 1-3 individuals or small to medium size products. This studio is equipped with a black background on one side and a taupe wall on the other. With the addition of muslin or seamless paper, our options are virtually endless. The Garage Studio is ‘semi-private’ and can be used for a shoot that requires modesty.

Portrait Studio – is set in a space that’s roughly 10’ wide by 15’ deep. Includes a muslin track with 5 different Muslins on it; Navy Blue, Maroon, Orange, Purple, and White, which saves time by allowing for quick and easy background changes. Also includes a cross bar for hanging one of the many other available muslins. Due to the location of this area in our studio, there is the possibility of others needing to walk through this space to access props or equipment during our shoot. If you need privacy or no interruptions, it will be best to book the ‘Garage Studio’ instead.

Interior Studio – is a 20’x20’ area devoted to the look of an interior room of a typical house. It is constantly changing and being rearranged so as to not become ‘stale.’ With various floor coverings, furniture changes, and the ability to rearrange items on the wall, we can easily convert this room to suit your needs. Be it a living room comfortable for the whole family or a relaxing bedroom setting for a Boudoir session. A 10′ high catwalk affords us the ability to get ariel shots and other unique angles very easily.

Exterior Studio – is roughly 20′ wide x 35′ deep with a 10′ high catwalk. It is currently designed to mimic the outside of a Distressed Spanish Style Hacienda. With this being a full 3-dimensial set, we can capture many images from different angles for a much wider range of options than can be captured when using a standard 2 dimensional muslin backdrop. There is even space inside the walls affording you the ability to photograph you as if you are inside the building. Another bonus: there is no need to combat the weather when using this set. The opposite side of this set is a ‘blank canvas’ if you will. It consists of a 20′ wide x 10′ high black wall. There is also plenty of space to bring in your own backdrop or set to create exactly the look that you are searching for.

Cyc Wall Room – is available for an extra $15/hr. The ‘Cyc Wall Room’ is the crowning glory of our studio space. With a 30’ wide white cyc wall and a maximum depth of 35’ totaling over 1300 sq ft, this studio space will allow us to photograph a large group, large products, or even a car or truck! There is a 10’ catwalk overlooking the cyc which allows us several unique shooting opportunities. This fully private studio includes a separate dressing room with built in, side lit, 5’ wide make-up table and a rolling wardrobe rack. Opposite the Cyc is a 35’ wide Custom Graffiti Wall which is great for Seniors, Motorcycles & Cars, and edgy portraits. The ‘Cyc Wall Room’ is also great for Group Photo Sessions and sessions which you’d just like to have enough space to sprawl your stuff throughout.

Makeup/Prep/Dressing Room – gives you plenty of space to get ready for your photo session. With a fully lit make-up table that’s over 8′ wide, there is plenty of room for 2-3 people to get ready at the same time including hair stylists & makeup artists. There is a private dressing room large enough for 2 people should one need assistance with a dress or a child getting ready. To accommodate virtually all needs, the Prep Room is equipped with:

•Full length Ironing Board and Iron w/ steamer function.
•A rolling wardrobe stand
•Full length swivel mirror
•Eye Mirror with two levels of magnification

Studio Props

While we do not guarantee the availability of any special props or items for your shoot, there are several items that we are able to offer with in-studio sessions provided these items are not being used or are otherwise unavailable during the time of your appointment. A partial list of these items can be found below, but we are always adding new items, so we are unable to provide a complete list. Please contact us to inquire about any specific items you may be looking for. We will always do our best to try and accommodate your needs, but the only way to completely ensure the availability of an item for your session is to bring it with you.

Black vinyl couch, ottoman, & bench
(2) Chaise Lounges
Cheetah “Shoe” Chair
White/yellow directors chair
Light wood stools
Child’s wooden chair (40lb max)
Folding Chairs
Office Chairs
24” round product table
Vinyl floor coverings (wood, stone & tile)
Artificial turf floor covering
Various cloths & fabrics
Various baskets
Various stools & chairs
Artificial plants
Plastic chain links
Stuffed animals
Various childrens toys
Artificial snow
Autumn leaves
Cotton batting
(1) 10’x 10’ White cotton backdrop
(1) 20’x 20’ Black cotton backdrop
Assortment of cloth muslins
Various Misc props