Our Studio

Our nearly 3500 sq. ft studio space offers several shooting areas for you to select from which provide you with a variety of sets and other amenities. This includes 4 different studio areas, private dressing rooms and make-up areas, a garage space for auto shoots, and more! It features a plethora of different back drops, scenes, rain simulators, and lighting options.  Additionally, it boasts 2 large infinity walls, an industrial gray wall, several seamless backdrops, daylight areas, outdoor spaces, and garden areas.

The studio is centrally located and easily accessible…just minutes from Downtown Denver and nearby hot spots! This allows us to start with shots in the studio, and then continue to shoot all day around town if you’d like. Taking outdoor shots and studio shots in the same session can help save you time and money. The studio is located at: 1200 West Mississippi, Denver, Colorado 80223.

Studio Props

While we do not guarantee the availability of any special props or items for your shoot, there are several items that we are able to offer with in-studio sessions provided these items are not being used or are otherwise unavailable during the time of your appointment. These items include things such as; chairs, columns, hay bales, water troughs, various children’s toys, and more.

We are always adding new items, so we are unable to provide a complete list. Please contact us to inquire about any specific items you may be looking for. We will always do our best to try and accommodate your needs, but the only way to completely ensure the availability of an item for your session is to bring it with you.